Standing - Russell R. Barton, Roland K. Johnson, and Andrew D. Sims

Complex legal appeals deserve straightforward representation. Harris, Finley & Bogle's appellate practice attorneys bring experience and knowledge to our clients' appellate needs.  Our appellate group is experienced in all aspects of appellate practice, including error preservation in the trial courts, appellate motion practice (including emergency stays of discovery and other orders), mandamus, interlocutory appeals, accelerated appeals, and appeals following jury and non-jury trials.  Our appellate lawyers are admitted to practice in all Texas and Pennsylvania appellate courts, the United States Courts of Appeals for the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th,11th, and Federal Circuits , and the United States Supreme Court.

Lawyers who practice in this area

¹ Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law
² Board Certified in Civil Trial Law
³ Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law and Civil Trial Law