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PADEP Proposes New and Revised GPS for Methane

On February 4, 2017, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection opened a 45-day public comment period for two proposed general permits and revisions to an air quality permit exemption. The proposals are designed to reduce methane and other pollutants at well sites and compressor stations associated with natural gas drilling and transport. Specifically, PADEP proposes to revise its list of air quality permit exemptions and to issue GP-5 (Natural Gas Compression Stations, Processing Plants, and Transmission Stations) and GP-5A (Unconventional Natural Gas Well Site Operations and Remote Pigging Stations). PADEP noted in a press release issued on February 6, 2017 that the GP-5 and GP-5A would establish updated Best Available Technology requirements for the industry regarding air emission limits, source testing, leak detection and repair, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements for the applicable air pollution sources. 

The comment period closes March 21, 2017.