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PADEP Launches Esubmission Public Search

On March 21, 2017, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection announced the launch of eSubmission Public Search, an online tool that allows the public to view and download PADEP documents submitted by oil and natural gas operators. The public may now search for and view documents related to:

  •  Area of Review Summaries;
  •  Borrow Pit Registrations;
  •  Completion Reports;
  •  Due Diligence Extension Requests;
  •  Post-Drilling Restoration Reports and Extension Requests;
  •  Post-Plugging Restoration Reports and Extension Requests;
  •  Alternative Waste Management Requests;
  •  Underground Storage Tank Registrations;
  •  Well Development Impoundment Registration and Transfer Requests;
  •  Well Logs; and
  •  Well Records.

Over 1,000 operator documents are already loaded onto the website. PADEP stated in the press release announcing the website launch that “electronic oil and gas document submission is a critical step in making DEP permitting and monitoring more efficient and transparent.”